Launched in 2016, UQUID, became the world's 1st, cross-border digital service with blockchain-friendly payment types. 

UQUID is proud to be one of the 3 blockchain companies selected, to take part in TechCrunch 2017. 

Today UQUID extended globally, providing its customers with a large variety and diversity of services like Mobile phone top-ups, Insurance, Electricity bills, Grocery vouchers, Pharmacy vouchers, TV bills, Pin-less calls, Wifi recharge, Bundles, Gift Cards, Games, Software and more to come… 

UQUID Shop is an online environment like no other. A place where you can use crypto or regular currency to purchase games, pay bills, or perhaps surprise your loved one with Victoria’s Secret Gift Card. And this is not all. 

Visit our website to see our full list of products and offers:

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