❤️ Here are the information about our Problem Solving Time:

- We usually reply to your message within 1 hour

- For normal cases, we will check and resolve the issue within 12 hours

- For special cases involving 3rd parties such as suppliers, partners, carriers, operators, ... we need longer time to check and receive feedback from 3rd parties, so the support time will take 1-2 days

- For very important / urgent cases, we will immediately report to the BOD (Board of Director), and solve it quickly within 5 hours

❤️ You can rest assured, as long as the transaction is completed, we will 100% solve the problem or refund you !!!

❤️ Visit this link to read full information about our Customer Support Process: https://uquid.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/33000275585-about-customer-support-process