Hi, Uquidian !

As we reported on the inactive platform, coinexchange.io started moving customers’ UQCs out of their wallets from September 28, 2020. After review, we found another IDAX platform that was shut down but still holding UQC coins. After consulting with some investors holding large shares of UQC, UQC’s management team has decided to choose a hard fork to protect the stability and development of UQC in the coming time.

Please help us share this information with your friends who are holding UQC for this hard fork to be successful.

Specific plans are as follows:

  1. Starts at 8 AM UTC, October 6, 2020. All UQC transactions on exchanges will begin to pause.
  2. We will announce new contract details to exchanges, and Snapshot will be taken at block: 11001111.
  3. It is expected that the token distribution will be complete by October 7, 2020.
  4. New tokens will be traded as usual from October 8, 2020.

New UQC token Contract: 0x8806926ab68eb5a7b909dcaf6fdbe5d93271d6e2

What you must do to get new tokens

1. If you are holding tokens on a wallet such as MEW or Metamask, you can add a new UQC token as a custom token with the new contract address.if you use a Ledger hardware wallet, you can connect it to MetaMask to see the new UQC token and conduct transaction.

2. If you are holding tokens in some software wallet, it may not display new UQC tokens. Please rest assured that the new token is already in your wallet. you just need to check it by copying the wallet address into etherscan.io

3. NO ACTION is required if you hold your tokens on exchanges such as Bittrex Global, Probit, Bibox, Livecoin, Indoex…. We will coordinate with exchanges to update the contract address. Deposits and withdrawals will be re-activated in the next days, and trading should not be affected.

4. Please make sure to check the new UQC contract address on our official website, blog, telegram to avoid scams.

Please note: the entire token distribution will take place without any bonuses or airdrops. You will only receive the same amount of tokens you own. Any unofficial information about airdrops or receiving new token rewards is fake.

We will always be there to assist you with any difficulties. Please contact us directly for the most accurate instructions.

Telegram: https://t.me/uquidcoinofficial ( fastest channel to get update and support)
Support tickets: uquid.freshdesk.com ( Tickets answered within 24h)


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