UQUID followed the hot trend of NFT to create the marketplace with the influencers x artist art nique to list their NFT to do business like Opensea and Foundation but different is UQUID support free mint and list fee for users. Following the web 3.0 benefit. 

At application layer for NFTD, third parties focus on building DApps on top of all layers below. DApp is also considered the main activity of Web3. 

Example: UQUID will provide the gallery and domain for NFT users to post their collection and share to their community to do the business. 

Some functions demonstrate the superiority of DApps that UQUID add to NFTD to support users: 

- Fundraising (Call for capital) 

- Trading Platforms 

- Games and Collectibles 

In 6 months launched, Uquid got more than hot 50 influencers in Asia to participate and many artists list NFT on NFTD platform.