Hello Uquid-users, 

Do you need help with a Spotify code that you have purchased? In this article we will explain everything so that you will know exactly how to use/activate this product on your Spotify account. 

The code must be for the same currency as your account
Note that the currency visible in your Spotify account must match the currency of the code you are purchasing. Did you buy a code for the wrong currency and don't manage to redeem it? Please contact us with your order number and/or e-mail address. Please also note that a Spotify gift card can only be used on a Premium Individual account (for 1 person), and not for the other subscription types like Duo, Family or Student.

Code redemption

  • Go to the Spotify website.
  • Login to your Spotify account.
  • Enter the code and click on Redeem.
  • Your code has been successfully redeemed.

How much does a Spotify subscription cost?
The cost of a Spotify subscription depends on the number of Premium accounts. Reminder: a Spotify gift card can only be used for a Premium Individual subscription and not for all other types of subscriptions such as Duo, Family and Student.

Error messages / error codes
For all your questions about error messages / error codes, we kindly request you to view this Spotify page. We would like to inform you that we can under no circumstances offer you help in finding out the meaning of certain error messages / error codes.

Do you get an error message saying that your code has already been used? As soon as we have received the payment, your code will be activated (= made usable) and delivered immediately. This makes it technically impossible for your code to be already used before you received it. This error is probably a technical issue that happened when you redeemed the code the first time. The steps below can sometimes help to solve this problem.

  • Make sure you have redeemed the code on the correct account (for example, you redeemed the code on account A while logged in with account B).
  • Check the transaction history of the account where you redeemed the code.
  • Restart the device and log in again. This ensures that your credit is updated.

Is the problem not solved after this? Then please contact us at: uquid.freshdesk.com